Frequently Asked Growler Questions

Growler swing top replacement and ceramic growler lids. Find them here.

Where are your growlers made?

  • PGC designs and produces all of our growlers in Portland, OR at Mudshark Studios. Our growlers are slip cast from a stoneware clay body - even the clay is made in Portland, OR.

Why should I choose a ceramic growler over a glass growler?

  • That is a great question! Well, if looks aren't enough to seal the deal our handsome ceramic growlers have plenty of other good qualities going for them:
    • Ceramic is a natural insulator and we deliberately cast the walls of our growlers extra thick to keep liquids cool to the last sip.
    • Wide mouth, porcelain flip-top lids and rubber gaskets seal in freshness and carbonation longer than the screw top lids usually found on glass growlers
    • Clay is opaque and it completely blocks out light, preventing your beer from becoming skunked. 

Can I pick my order up in Portland if I live locally?

  • Swing by Eutectic Gallery during normal business hours to shop our full selection of growlers for sale in person. Picking up online orders is not an option at this time. 

How long do they keep beer cold for?

  • Once removed from the refrigerator, our growlers keep beer cold for a few hours.
    • Tip: You can keep beer colder, longer by freezing your growler before filling it, but the growler must be completely dry before freezing.

How long do they keep beer fresh for?

  • 4-6 days - if closed immediately and placed back in the fridge. In some cases even longer.

Can I bottle condition in your growlers?

  • Our growlers are not intended for bottle conditioning. Please condition at your own risk.

Why are the porcelain flip top ceramic growler lids better than screw top lids?

  • The wide mouth top makes for a smooth pour and prevents “glugging” and foaming, which keeps beer from going flat.
    • Made from solid porcelain, which won’t crack under pressure created from beer carbonation
      • Rubber gasket creates a tighter seal than threaded screw tops on glass. And each mouth is trimmed by hand to ensure the tightest fit possible.

        How do I replace my flip top ceramic growler lids?

        • Check out this cool guide with instructions in how to disassemble your flip top ceramic growler lid.

        How do I clean my growler?

        • Immediately after you pour your last beer fill with light dish soap and hot water. Let it soak for a few minutes and rinse.
        • Use a bottle brush when necessary.
        • Dry upside down.
        • Do not place in the dishwasher.

          Can you use ceramic growlers for other liquids?

            • Yes! Our growlers are great for tea, root beer, kombucha, wine, water or any kind of liquid.

                Can you personalize or customize my growler?

                • Yes! We can personalize growlers with initials either on the lid or the growler body or both! Check out your options here.
                • Note: We do not accept returns for customized (monogrammed) growlers and/or accessories.

                What happens if I receive a broken growler upon shipment?

                • Please notify the Portland Growler Co. within 3 days of your growler arriving. We will send you a return shipping label. When we receive your damaged growler we will replace it with a new one or offer you a refund.

                Do you ship out of the country?

                • Yes! We ship all over the world. Shipping costs are automatically calculated upon check out. However, import taxes may apply to your purchase. 

                How long will it take for my growler to arrive?

                • Your order will ship within three business days. The only exceptions are PGC decaled growlers and crystalline growlers. They will ship within two weeks of your order. Shipping times vary but to put it in perspective it takes 7 – 9 days for a growler to reach the east coast if you choose ground shipping.

                I just submitted my order but forgot to add something.  Can I add a product to my order?

                • We are unable to change or cancel your order as it is processed immediately after it is submitted.

                If I am unsatisfied with my growler or want a different color? Can I return it?

                • Yes! If your growler is unused, please send it back to us at: 1930 NE Oregon St. Portland, OR. 97232. 
                • We will then issue you a refund for your purchase. We will not refund you for shipping costs. You can, at that time, order your desired replacement growler or shop for other PGC products. 
                • We do not accept returns for customized (monogrammed) growler and/or accessories.

                Do you accept wholesale growler accounts?

                We do! We work with breweries, wineries or any other company to make custom wholesale growlers.

                My state requires a government warning label. Do you guys put those on your growlers?

                • Yes! We now have Government Warning labels to send with each growler. You can choose whether or not to affix it to your growler.




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