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Mitchell Spain Artist Collaboration

We're stepping up our growler game with artist collaborations. Our first collection of artist growlers are made in partnership with ceramic artist, Mitchell Spain. Growing up on the outskirts of a small town in central Iowa, Mitchell says he was raised with rust: "whether it was salt-induced rust on wheel wells, rusting farm equipment, or decaying tools found in barns and outbuildings, rust was everywhere." As a boy he spent hours rummaging through barns and junk piles, pondering the origins of countless obscure rusty objects and how we could re-purpose them to give them a new life.

Today Mitchell has created a process to make ceramic objects replicate the look and feel of those old rusty items from his childhood; from hip flasks with functional threaded lids, to cups and shot glasses, and now a collection of three growlers inspired by vintage oil company logos. With his skillful technique and attention to detail, you won't believe they're ceramic. Learn more about Mitchell on our blog.

About the Sinclair Growler Logo

Sinclair Oil was founded in Pennsylvania in 1916.  Sinclair Oil began using an Apatosaurus (then called a Brontosaurus) in its advertising, sales promotions and product labels in 1930. The first Sinclair “Brontosaurus” trademark made its debut in Chicago during the 1933-1934 “Century of Progress” World’s Fair. Sinclair published a special edition newspaper, Big News, describing the exhibit. While the logo has evolved over the years, it still features the Apatosaurus today. Original items  with earlier versions of the logo are collector's items.


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