Limited Edition Kurt Weiser Loop Growler $150.00

 In October of 2015 we partnered with Project Art, Eutectic Gallery and 15 artists from all over the world to create a limited run of unique images for our Loop Growlers. Only 15 of each design was made and once they're gone, they're gone forever.  

In the hands of Kurt Weiser, the centuries-old tradition of china paint on porcelain is given new life. Weiser’s sumptuous, provocative teapots and jars, resplendent with lush jungle scenes, can be both alluring and unsettling.  Detailed depictions of tropical splendor become wayward reveries as radiant colors and subtle distortions transform classic porcelain vessels.

Whether Weiser’s work is interpreted as three-dimensional painting or sensuously decorated porcelain, the pots he creates are among the most vivid and decadent of modern ceramics, providing a distinctive contribution to the ever-expanding medium.



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