Limited Edition Kathy King Loop Growler $150.00

In October of 2015, we partnered with Project Art, Eutectic Gallery and 15 artists from all over the world to create a limited run of unique images for our Loop Growlers. Only 15 of each design was made and once they're gone, they're gone forever. 

Kathy King is an active studio artist in the Boston area and runs the Kathy King Art Studio. She holds the position of Director of Education and Instructor at the Ceramics Program, Office for the Arts at Harvard. She is currently a Visiting Faculty in Ceramics at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

“Traditionally, my work centers on the presentation of narrative through ceramic vessels, tile work and printmaking, either separately or combined in installation, with a feminist point of view. The images used for the decals reflect isolated images that make up the vocabulary of my narrative work via images that take on a wood-cut feel through the use of a the technique sgraffito – carving through a layer of dark slip to reveal the lighter clay body beneath.”



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