Limited Edition Jessica Brandl Loop Growler $150.00

In October of 2015 we partnered with Project Art, Eutectic Gallery and 15 artists from all over the world to create a limited run of unique images for our Loop Growlers. Only 15 of each design was made and once they're gone, they're gone forever.  Stay tuned for details on GrowlerFest 2016, until then, we hope you enjoy the 2015 designs.

Jessica Brandl, a native Midwesterner, works in ceramics, drawing and, painting. Set in landscapes with looming architecture, turbulent skies, and misplaced objects, Brandl’s work exposes historical and eccentric places engulfed in psychological scenarios - both sinister and sublime. Surprising spatial arrangements and disjunctive scale shifts support a voyeuristic sense of seeing things from the inside out. Her current work serve as pointed souvenirs of history and the path to American-ness.



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