Limited Edition Jason Walker Loop Growler $150.00

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In October of 2015 we partnered with Project Art, Eutectic Gallery and 15 artists from all over the world to create a limited run of unique images for our Loop Growlers. Only 15 of each design was made and once they're gone, they're gone forever.

About Jason Walker's Work

"In my ceramic sculpture, I have been exploring American ideas of nature and how technology has changed our perceptions of nature. Besides the obvious advantages technology may bring to our lives, there lie unintended consequences and underlying messages behind every creation that forever change our perceptions, our social interactions and our relationship to nature. The word nature itself has become an overused term in our present ideology to the degree it has altogether lost its meaning.

Paradoxically, from our ‘own too-muchness’ our ideas of wilderness are conceived. I have come to realize my own appreciation for nature has come from the culture of which I belong. Ultimately, ideas of nature and/or wilderness are human constructs ever changing through human cultures at different moments in history. Presently, It is time to rethink our perceptions of nature, culture, wilderness and civilization, and perhaps we may once again reinstate our own naturalness and, one day, find balance between the planet and ourselves. Ultimately, in doing so we may come to a better realization of what it means to be human at this present time."



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