64 oz Grey Poppy Growler $150.00

As Afghanistan fell further into the mire of war during the mid-2000s, award-winning ceramicist Justin Rothshank began creating pieces with decals that captured his opposition to the conflict. As he worked, he realized that explicit images of the war on terror lacked a beauty, a light he sought to balance the dark context. It wasn’t until he stumbled across a photo of a soldier in a poppy field that Justin discovered what would become his trademark design aesthetic.

The poppy has long been synonymous with life, death and remembrance, a symbol honoring the lost and a hope for rebirth. Through ceramic decal techniques, with close attention to color and contrast, Justin created works that honor the beauty and symbolism of the poppy, while offering a floral landscape with a timeless look.

With the naturally insulated ceramic body and tight-sealing flip-top lid that make a PGC growler perfect for any brew, this new collection of growlers is available in our Gloss Blue, Satin Grey or Gloss White 64-ounce growlers, with Justin’s signature poppies and floral accents. All three represent our love for the best in craft, conversation-starting design, and growlers built to carry the beers behind your stories.

Learn more about Justin on our blog. 

*Justin decals these growlers by hand in his studio in Indiana. Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.


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