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August 22, 2014

Maker's Mark Bios- CJ Cooper Jeppesen

At Portland Growler Company we partner with studios that care about nurturing their employees creative passions. Our ceramic production partner, Mudshark Studios exemplifies this sort of partnership. The creative endeavors, experience and contributions of each member of the team that produces our growlers can be seen in each and every growler they make. Take a look at the bottom of your growler to see the initials of that growler's maker; maker's marks are our way of helping you put a face with a name and show you what true handcrafted quality means to us. We recently visited with our team at Mudshark and we asked each artist the same 12 questions about life, beer, and art and we'll be introducing you to them here.

Meet Cooper Jeppesen. Cooper trims the growlers after they are removed from the plaster molds. You've got one of his growlers if you see a 'CJ' on the bottom. 



Name: Cooper Jeppesen

Hometown: Boise, ID

July 17, 2014

PGC is Going to NYC


PGC is on the move again! Our one woman marketing team is heading to the Big Apple to share Portland Growler Company with the world, or at least with editors from some of our favorite publications. So stay tuned for photos of her adventures (and of our growlers, of course) as PGC takes on Manhattan! 

July 17, 2014

PGC Featured in Japanese Magazine "Popeye"


Portland seems to be in the new a lot these days. We certainly like it here and it seems the place we call home has attracted admirers from as far away as Japan. Earlier in the year Portland Growler Company was contacted by editors from Popeye, a Japanese lifestyle magazine. They were coming to Portland to do a whole issue on the things that make Portlandia so great, and they wanted to stop by the studio for a tour. We had a blast, and they even came back for a secondary fashion shoot with Cooper and Carson, two of our artisans (look at the bottom of your growlers and you may find their initials). Don't have a subscription to Popeye? Fear not! You can check out a few pages from the spread, right here. The copy is in Japanese, but the photos are fantastic- hopefully they're saying nice things too.

June 25, 2014

Growlers on the Go, At Home and Around the World

In preparation for some web updates we're working on, I recently had the pleasure of interviewing several of the talented artisans at Mudshark Studios, who actually make our growlers. In a previous post we'd mentioned our new(ish) maker's marks- a signature of sorts, by the artist who finishes the piece. We think it's important to give credit where it's due, and extending an online introduction to your growler's maker seemed like a fun way  to do that. 

May 29, 2014

Pedalpalooza Maker's Tour 6/14

Portlanders, it's that time again! Pedalpalooza is here and this year Portland Growler Company is participating in a bike tour of Portland maker's studios in and around Northeast and Southeast Portland. Join us on Saturday June 14th at 2:00 pm for a leisurely 5 mile pedal to tour the studios of 5 of our favorite fellow makers. We'll meet at Mudshark Studios (where our growlers are produced), and then visit Toast, Walnut Studiolo and North St for a behind the scenes look at how these good folks do what they do best. We'll end the tour with a cookout at North St., where we'll enjoy snacks compliments of Salt & Straw Ice Cream and Masala Pop plus we'll have drinks and snacks along the way. And don't forget dad! Sunday the 15th is Father's Day; what better way to spend a day with dad and find just the right handcrafted Father's Day gift?

For additional details check out the Willamette Week calendar and email to RSVP. Hope to see you there! 

April 01, 2014

Maker's Marks


Maker's marks have been found on Roman glass pieces as far back as the first century B.C. and they've been used for various reasons all the way through the Industrial Revolution and beyond. Their purpose was to act as a signature and organizational tactic at first, and later as a means of accountability and quality control in the early commercial factories.

March 24, 2014

Collaborating with Walnut Studiolo


Portland Growler Company  and Walnut Studiolo share a passion for hand crafting unique products and an affection for craft brews. Both companies create specialized products for the rapidly growing craft beer culture. It’s no surprise that they have collaborated to make The Leash, a supple leather handle for toting a growler of craft beer anywhere you want to go. Choose your favorite finish: black, dark brown or honey (which looks amazing with our gloss blue growlers).

March 11, 2014

Hands On: How We Make Those Fabulous Ceramic Growlers

Growlers, growlers everywhere and quite a lot to drink. Yes, growlers and growler fill stations are everywhere you look these days. Here at PGC we're often asked, "why do your growlers cost so much more than the glass growlers I see everywhere?" or "why do you make your growlers from clay? What's the advantage here?" Good questions!

Let's start with the clay question. Why make growlers out of clay? Well, they're pretty handsome for starters. I know we're biased, but really! They are sturdy and good looking growlers!  But if the aesthetics aren't enough to win you over, there are real benefits to filling up a growler made of clay.  For starters ceramic is a natural insulator and we deliberately cast the walls of our growlers extra thick to keep liquids cool to the last sip. Here's a handy tip for the hot summer months: freeze your growler before heading out to you favorite brewery for a fill up, especially if you plan to take it out on the town to a party, picnic or bike ride. Freezing it will keep it cooler even longer. Either way, your brew will stay cooler longer than it will in a glass growler. So there's that.


Our ceramic growlers also offer a wide mouth with a porcelain flip top lid and rubber gasket to seal in freshness and carbonation longer than the screw top lids usually found on glass growlers. If you seal the lid tightly and place it back in the fridge after each pour, your brew will stay fresh for 4-6 days or longer!

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