November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving BYOB: Turkey and Beer Pairings

Around here, Fall blusters in with buckets of rain; it shakes the trees and shellacks the streets yellow, red, and brown. It’s the time of year when we dust off our “hunker down and cozy up” skills, as we gather our Portland community and head indoors, growlers full of something to keep the damp chill at bay.

It’s also that time when calendars begin to flood with holiday plans, parties, and if you’re lucky, a hootenanny or two. Whether with family, friends, friends who are family, newfound pals or old, it’s the season to toast with joy and gratitude, appreciating good times with the people that bring out the best in us.

As you ponder what to bring with your appetizer or side dish, consider a snazzy twist on the BYO. Instead of the stand-by bottle of wine or six pack, buy a PGC growler and fill it with whatever the occasion calls for, from mulled wine to hot cider to your favorite winter ale.

Ready to revolutionize the BYO, but looking for a creative clue or two about what to fill your PGC growler with this holiday season?

We’ve surveyed friends, employees and our Instagram followers asking them to recommend a few of their favorite pairings that will seal your title as this year's Beverage Virtuoso.

Sweet Action from Sixpoint
Sweet Action from Sixpoint - Recommended by Emily from Sixpoint
Portland Sixpoint rep Emily says this is the perfect beer to pair with a variety of classic Thanksgiving dishes. It's caramel undertones of malt complement yams and brussels sprouts, and the hops are citrus focused. With a 5.7% ABV it's very sessionable- meaning you can drink all day and not get wasted. If you're local to Portland, you can find this Sweet Action at Whole Foods and New Seasons markets, plus various tap rooms around town.
Our buddy Tampa Food Dude had no shortage of ideas:
Cigar City's Good Gourd Pumpkin Ale, Funky Buddha's Sweet Potato Casserole Strong Ale, Long Trail's Cranberry Gose (see video below), or Dogfish Head's Kvasir. All of them would pair well with different traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

Let's not forget the Cider!

Hopworks Cran Perry CIder
Web designer Matt Beck from Portland and our employee Heather Myers were on the same wave length with Cider. Matt says: "Anything from Portland Cider - from their Kinda Dry to Sorta Sweet and beyond.  


And Heather's pick: Cider from Hopworks Urban Brewery, who just recently released a new one Cran Perry that I can't wait to try.
Mike Hess Brewing Co. Grazias Vienna Cream Ale
Aaron Pollack, self-proclaimed beer snob and marketing maven at Canary
Aaron recommends the smooth and malty Grazias Vienna Cream Ale, from Mike Hess Brewing Co. in San Diego. With a smooth texture and hints of chocolate and vanilla, you can't go wrong here.
Walnut Studiolo Leather sic pack
Valerie Schafer-Franklin co-owner of Walnut Studiolo
Over the years we've shared many a beer with Valerie and Geoff from Walnut Studiolo, makers of our Leather Leash and the handy dandy Leather Six Pack & bicycle synch.
What do they recommend? Stout. With so many options to choose from, Val shared The Serious Eats Guide to Thanksgiving Beer Pairing for a little more guidance.


However you're celebrating the holiday, we wish you a good one as we give thanks for good friends, family, you, our outstanding customers, and amazing craft beer.

Happy Thanksgiving!