November 14, 2016

Goshen Brewing Company: PGC Brewery Spotlight

As you know, we at PGC are all about community, our close local connections, as well as our extended family of beer aficionados and lovers of all things handmade and well-crafted.

Justin Rothshank Poppy Growlers

In September, we introduced a collection of three special edition growlers from ceramic artist Justin Rothshank. These growlers are made with the kind of thoughtful attention to design and a background story worth listening to over a favorite brew.

So naturally, we couldn’t help but get a little excited about the connection between Justin and another of our favorite partners, Goshen Brewing Company.

Goshen Brewing Growlers

Goshen came on our radar when Justin collaborated with PGC to create branded growlers for his hometown brewery in Goshen, Indiana. He, along with Jesse Sensenig, and Jason Heatwole met at several years earlier at Goshen College and have been friends ever since.

As Jesse and his wife Amanda, another Goshen alum, pursued their passions for food and beer, they knew they wanted to build something unique and community focused. In the meantime, Justin developed his craft in ceramics, no less engaged with and inspired by both his close community and the world at large. And Jason’s love of his hometown, Goshen, spurred him to join the crew in hopes of bringing a vital new edition to the small Indiana town.

Goshen Brewery Tap Room

What makes Goshen Brewing Company special isn’t simply its foundation of friendship, community building and craftsmanship, but a dedication to the larger global community through sustainable practices in brewing.

Goshen Brewing NIPSCO Building

The brewery lives in what Jesse refers to as their “recycled” location in downtown Goshen. The team gutted and re-imagined the historic Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) Building. What they kept was the building's rawness and industrial chic.

"We didn’t put much on the walls, but salvaged some stuff from the building including, lights from the 40s and levers from an old switchboard that was in there. I really love the character of old buildings," says Jesse.

Once the remodel of the NIPSCO Building was underway, they decided to use wind power to operate the brewery, with an eye on solar panels and other sustainable infrastructure in the coming years.

Used brewing grains go to a local pig farm, which in turn provides pork for Goshen’s seasonal, locally-sourced, organic menu. Add twelve rotating taps, including an exciting new recipe brewed up by Jesse every few weeks, and it’s clear to see that this is no ordinary brewery.

Goshen Brewing Company also plays an enthusiastic and dedicated role in the town community, supporting local businesses, growth and fundraisers, as well as local artisans, including Justin, who has created handcrafted ceramic tap handles, mugs, and growlers for the brewery.

They’ve managed to integrate an amazing community of diverse craftspeople into their vision for great food and beer. And that’s what makes Goshen embody the best of  the beer community.

Right now, you'll only find Goshen brews distributed regionally, but they may change that in the future. Keep an eye out!

Goshen Brewery

Want to learn more about Goshen Brewing Company and the town? Read on.