April 10, 2015

Bowigens Beer Company

Orlando has a new brewery and its' name is Bowigens.

I tried four of their beers: Lost Anchor IPA, Green 18, 7 Layer Stout and Toasted Almond Brown Ale. All  were tasty and worth revisiting, but I was especially impressed with their 7 Layer Stout. The description on their menu is dead on: "This beer doesn't know if it wants to be a Milk Stout, Oatmeal Stout or an English Stout and it doesn't have to... a full bodied session beer with loads of malt flavor." Bonus points for having Funky Buddha's Last Snow,which is thus far my favorite beer of 2015 (A visit to the South Florida based Funky Buddha is on my bucket list for sometime this spring).

 Naturally, I brought my growler along so I could take home some of that 7 Layer Stout, but they didn't have enough product for growler fills just yet. Of course, those are just growing pains and I'll be back once they've been open a little longer to revisit their taps.