March 26, 2015

Wandering Growler Guy Visits Hourglass Brewing

Wandering Growler Guy, Lefty McKenzie, is on the brewery prowl again. This time he sends notes from he and cohort Ras McKenzie's recent visit to Hourglass Brewing in Longwood, Florida...
We sampled several of their brews most notably, their Straub Van Graham Strawberry Vanilla Wheat, which was plenty of refreshing by the heat of day, but a little too light for the dark hour at hand. They also had a lovely Irish Stout called  "Tipsy Farmer" (5.5 ABV) on Nitro, which is what I had to fill my growler with to take home. Ras sampled the Voyageur du Temps belgian. While it was quite tasty, it was  a bit too hefty for me to have more than one. Ras, on the other hand did just fine knocking a few back. Last but certainly not least, we had to have the Giant Dwarf Stout; a nice coffee, cherry, chocolate event I will certainly have again.
In all of this beer tasting excitement, I had to return to rescue my beer tasting notebook, which I had left behind. Some might say it was because I'd gotten a little tipsy from that Tipsy Farmer, but in my defense my hands were full of growlers. A man's got to have priorities, you know?
Stay tuned for our next adventure and until then, drink easy friends.