March 04, 2015

Growlers with Growlers

PGC's own Pax, the Sheep-a-doodle and a newly branded growler for New Bohemia Brewing Co.

Get it? Dogs growl and we make growlers. Growlers with Growlers! Obviously we're beer lovers here at PGC, but we have a serious soft spot for our four legged friends as well. What's better than a sunny day outdoors with an ice cold beer and the good company of a loyal pooch?

At Mudshark, where our growlers are made, we have a pack of studio pups that come to work with their people from time to time. Our owners and employees bring their furry friends to the studio, and then I started seeing photos of them on Instagram and Facebook and it got me thinking, and searching to see who else was posting pics of their dogs and beer…so many!

While I was searching the internets, I discovered Dogs on Tap and sought out Bethany, the mastermind behind the website, facebook and instagram pages. Dogs on Tap was launched in 2014 with a simple goal of providing entertainment and information to the dog owning, craft beer lover. Photosharing, beer recommendations, product reviews, and training tips, Dogs on Tap, is a one stop shop for everything craft beer and dogs. Bethany saw a void in the market; it appeared craft beer lovers and dog lovers were one in the same, but there was no outlet for such a thing. Well, now she's bridging that gap, and we're excited to play along.

I think we're all familiar with this look. You know the one. That look you get when you get an entire flight of delicious beer from one of your favorite breweries. In this case Harpoon Brewery from New England.

Why yes, this is my Arcadia Ales sampler!

Why yes, this is my Arcadia Ales sampler. 

Meet Azacca, named after one of the hops in Life. Death. Life. Truth by Orpheus Brewing.


Deep thoughts from a craft brew loving pooch: "I wonder if I stare hard enough will my human let me have some of this  beer. I'm 3 years old, and that makes me legal drinking age in dog years!"


Have a pooch and a love of craft brews? Send us a snapshot and your pup might be in next months blog post or on Dogs on Tap. Join the fun on Instagram.