April 26, 2016

Who's That Lady?

Last weekend, my 13 year old niece asked me to send her photos of me at her age, and it sent me down the rabbit hole of old family albums. Not only did I find those images of my 13 year old self (Eek!), but I also discovered a ton of old photos of my mom, her mom and my fraternal grandmother, which gave me a great idea!

Let's pay homage to our Mom's by sharing old photos of that awesome lady. They can be photos of Mom as a child, or a with you as a child, or out on the town before you were even on the scene.

Hop over to our Twitter or Instagram pages and post a photo of your Mom (if you are a Mom, feel free to nominate yourself). Be sure to tag us  and use the hashtag #PGCMom. We'll repost them and award the top photo with a brand new Growlette and two runners up will win a PGC T-Shirt. Winner announced on Mother's Day May 8th. Need some inspiration? Here's a few of the photos I found over the weekend...

Family Photos- Celebrating Mom

That's my maternal grandmother there in the glasses. Her and her six sons, my uncles. Grandma had 7 kids of her own, and raised my two aunts and uncle from my grandfather's first marriage. Talk about a tough lady!


This lovely lady is my fraternal grandmother, "Grandma Bates" along with my father and his cousin.

Before I came along, it was just these two crazy kids: Jack and Ann.


And last but certainly not least, my mom Ann holding me as a baby in 1978.

We look forward to seeing your photos, and raising a pint of beer in honor of Mom's everywhere. 



Nicole + PGC