December 16, 2014

Makers Route x Range & Sea

Tools of the trade.
On November 11, Makers Workshop set out on a week long road trip from the northern coast of California up to Portland, Oregon. They partnered with San Francisco based menswear brand, Welcome Stranger to celebrate the launch of their Fall|Winter 2014 apparel collection. The team at Welcome Stranger design and produce quality goods that are made to be worn and not treated as precious. Who better to help demonstrate that standard than a group of talented and hardworking makers
We were flattered that Portland Growler Company was invited to be a stop on the Makers Tour and when they visited last month, Brett rocked his new Welcome Stranger oxford, while he gave the ladies the tour of PGC production at Mudshark Studios. We had a blast talking shop and getting dirty in the clay studio, and Brett loves the new shirt. In a few months, Makers Workshop will check back and get an update to see how Brett's new oxford has held up. We'll be sure to share the story here. In the meantime here are a few photos from our visit and you can read Lindsey's story about the visit here on Maker's Workshop. If you find yourself in San Francisco, stop by the Welcome Stranger flagship store (460 Gough Street) to see the display of photos, with one item used to make each item, details of their road trip, Makers Route x Range & Sea, and the stories of the makers involved. 
Brett sheds some light on the age old question: what is slip? 
So many growler molds.
A "greenware" growler, trimmed, handle attached and ready to fire in the bisque kiln.
The ladies from Makers Workshop. I couldn't resist photographing the photographers.
Thanks to Lindsey from Makers Workshop for spending the day with us!