May 02, 2016

Explore the North

A few months ago, Nick Uthe contacted me about an adventure he was planning for this spring and summer. His plan appealed to my insatiable case of wanderlust, so we hooked him up with a couple of growlers to take along on the trip.

We're excited to see where he goes, and how our growlers fit into the mix, and we'll be sharing his updates via Facebook, Instagram and right here on the blog. Nick was kind enough to write up a guest post describing his inspiration for Explore the North. We hope you'll follow along and join the fun.


Nicole + PGC

Explore the North: Nick Uthe & Sam Axness

At Boss Imagery we have a love for the north country and it is this passion that inspired the Explore the North project to be born. After a weekend trip to Thunder Bay, Ontario, I decided I needed to experience more of Canada and I wasn't going to wait.  I couldn't believe I grew up so close and never got a chance to take in a country that figuratively was in my back yard. 

With my photography background I wanted a way I could combine my fitness mentality, love for the outdoors, and passion to create to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle that I've grew so fondly of. I knew that if I wanted to reach a large audience I had to rev up something monumental. I needed something catchy and something people could latch onto.

After a short time it became clear to me that I wanted to road trip North America. I've heard so many people talk about conquering a true road trip and sadly fail to accomplish the goal; that in my opinion everyone should do at least once in their life. 

I bring a simplistic and free flowing mentality to my adventures and with this I hope to prove that common sense goes a long way when traveling. There are a million excuses that can come up that might set someone back from accomplishing their goals. Fortunately, I'm here and I try my best to break those irrational fears down and get people moving. 

"Mari Usque Ad Mare" is the Canadian National Motto and is our dictum for this exciting upcoming project. This Latin saying loosely translates into, "from sea to sea" and this is exactly what we're out to accomplish. A round trip from Nova Scotia to Alberta's Rockies to the coasts of Washington.

In total this true northern invasion will be about 10,000+ miles, and to make sure we capture it right I've scraped up my fellow photographer and right hand adventure partner Sam Axness to join me as we set out to leave Eau Claire, WI May 11th 2016.

Let's explore more, connect more and grow together. Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and at Boss Imagery. Hopefully I can inspire some adventure for everyone. Maybe I'll even see you out there!

---- Nick Uthe

Explore the North