April 20, 2016

Happy Mother's Day to All the Mom's Out There

Every time I make my way back "home" to Connecticut to visit my mom, it's like entering a museum of my childhood creations: finger paintings, my early attempts at pottery making from high school, silly cards scribbled in barely legible crayon, all the way up to the more polished works of art I made in college.

Mom reminds me how much she's loved every gift I've ever made her, despite the (lack of) quality. These days, she still loves the handmade gifts- thankfully my ability has improved over the years- but what she loves the most is spending time together. 

Mother's Day Growler Gifts

As we planned our Mother's Day offering here a PGC, that notion of time spent being the best gift of all was top of mind. During our Mother's Day photo shoot I asked Dee Freeman, mom of Brett Binford, one of our co-owners, about whether she had saved any of Brett's early childhood creations, and she brought me a whole box of goodies! This one was my favorite, and it even resembles the shape of our growlers before they're trimmed!


Now that Brett's all grown up, he's turned his art into a career with Mudshark Studios and Portland Growler Company, making beautiful products like our growlers. For those of you who aren't artistically inclined, we've got your back with 6 new lid designs. You can give mom a growler, as part of her gift, but the real gift will be going on an adventure together to fill it up with a favorite beer, cider or wine. If mom's not into beer or wine, make a cocktail to go or fill up with hot coffee, then go for a picnic, or to the beach. You'll enjoy the beautiful views, tasty drinks, and mom will be so pleased with the good company.