September 23, 2014

Maker's Marks Bios: Jason Starin, Alumni

At Portland Growler Company we partner with studios that care about nurturing their employees creative passions.

Our ceramic production partner, Mudshark Studios exemplifies this sort of partnership. 

The creative endeavors, experience and contributions of each member of the team that produces our growlers can be seen in each and every growler they make. Take a look at the bottom of your growler to see the initials of that growler's maker; maker's marks are our way of helping you put a face with a name and show you what true handcrafted quality means to us. 

We recently visited with our team at Mudshark and we asked each artist the same 12 questions about life, beer, and art and we'll be introducing you to them here.

Meet Jason Starin. Until spring 2014, Jason was one of our glazers. If you have one of our growlers made before this date, chances are good Jason was the man who applied that lovely glaze. He's moved on to Philadelphia, but his handy work in the glaze room lives on in infamy.

 Name: Jason Starin  

Hometown:  the suburbs of Detroit.

Education/Life Experience:  I have a BFA with concentration on ceramics from Grand Valley State University in Michigan, and an MFA in Applied Craft and Design from the PNCA/OCAC joint program.

How did you get started at Mudshark?

I was working at Georgie’s Ceramic supply and Brett would come in all the time, so I begged him for a job for a few months until he hired me.

Why do you like working in clay?

I like that you can interpret it differently every time you use it.

What brought you to Portland?

My girlfriend (now wife) got a job here so we moved

What are your goals as an artist/maker?

I'd like to continue showing in galleries and museums. One day I want to work as a professor in an academic institution. Ultimately, I’d just like to make a living selling my artwork.

Favorite Local Haunt (Food or bar)?

Club 21-near Mudshark, or Fred Meyers (grocery store). I feel like I am always grocery shopping.