July 17, 2014

PGC Featured in Japanese Magazine "Popeye"


Portland seems to be in the news a lot these days. We certainly like it here and it seems the place we call home has attracted admirers from as far away as Japan.

Earlier in the year Portland Growler Company was contacted by editors from Popeye, a Japanese lifestyle magazine. They were coming to Portland to do a whole issue on the things that make Portlandia so great, and they wanted to stop by the studio for a tour.

We had a blast, and they even came back for a secondary fashion shoot with Cooper and Carson, two of our artisans (look at the bottom of your growlers and you may find their initials).

Don't have a subscription to Popeye? Fear not! You can check out a few pages from the spread, right here. The copy is in Japanese, but the photos are fantastic- hopefully they're saying nice things too.

ありがとう (thank you) Popeye!