June 25, 2014

Growlers on the Go, At Home and Around the World

In preparation for some web updates we're working on, I recently had the pleasure of interviewing several of the talented artisans at Mudshark Studios, who actually make our growlers. In a previous post we'd mentioned our new(ish) maker's marks- a signature of sorts, by the artist who finishes the piece. We think it's important to give credit where it's due, and extending an online introduction to your growler's maker seemed like a fun way  to do that. 


One of the questions I asked everyone in the interview was "where have you taken your growler?" While there were some fun anecdotes about camping, cookouts, and hiking, the story that inspired me the most, was the story about where the growler didn't go. When I posed this question to our shipping and receiving guru, Jordan Morris, his response went a little something like this:

"I've taken my growler to Seattle and to bachelor parties. I almost took it to Europe last year since, I was given one at the company holiday party and left for Europe (Amsterdam, London, Paris) the next morning. I thought it would be really cool, but as I was packing my back I decided that I didn’t want to carry it around. If I knew you'd be asking me this now, I definitely would have taken it along! Next trip I am taking it and when I return I will slam it down and say “Update my profile!”"

As I was packing for a spontaneous (crazy, I know) trip to the Galapagos Islands two weeks ago, I thought I'd avoid Jordan's regret and see if I might inspire some fellow travelers to take their growler(s) on the road with them. My growler of choice- a 32 ounce white Smooth Neck with a dark brown leash, from Walnut Studiolo. I had been regaling my travel buddy, from Rio de Janeiro with tales of Portland's craft brew culture since we met a few years ago. The original plan was to fill the growler at PDX and surprise him for our long layover in Quito, but upon further consideration, there were some quality control issues with this plan. After staring at the wall of beer in Oregon Made for way too long, I opted to bring him a bottle of Breakside Brewery Wanderlust IPA. The name was perfect for the occasion, the label was really cool and I've heard nothing but good things about Breakside. Score!

 Well, now I am through security with my empty growler, I have a bottled beer, and just as I was about to purchase an overpriced bottle of water, I saw the water fountains with built in bottle fill stations. Go PDX, go! Growler fill stations and water fill stations? One more reason I love this city! I filled up my growler for the 30 hour trip from Portland to Baltra Island and I was boarding the first leg of my flight in no time.



Next it was up, up and away! I even shared my window seat with the little guy and we had some incredible views.


When we finally got to Santa Cruz Island my growler was my main water supply on various boat rides, snorkeling trips and even a cycling adventure. A few snapshots of our adventures for your viewing pleasure.


Boating to a snorkeling site near Santa Cruz Island

Isabela Island

Enjoying the local cuisine and Ecuador's win over Honduras in the World Cup.


Snorkeling with sharks and seals. I had to leave the growler on the boat for this part though.


And now, I pose the same question to you: Where have you taken your PGC growler? Send us photos, tell us about your adventures. We might feature your story on our Facebook page or here on the PGC blog. If you're really lucky, you might be our monthly winner of something fun from PGC! Send your submissions to me at nicole@portlandgrowlercompany.com


Drink Easy, friends!