April 01, 2014

Maker's Marks


Maker's marks have been found on Roman glass pieces as far back as the first century B.C. and they've been used for various reasons all the way through the Industrial Revolution and beyond. Their purpose was to act as a signature and organizational tactic at first, and later as a means of accountability and quality control in the early commercial factories.

 As ceramic products became more mass produced using more machines and fewer humans, the use of maker's marks fell largely to the wayside, but being nostalgic sort of guys, my cohorts here at PGC really liked the handmade touch. With the renewed interest in locally and American made products throughout the U.S. we thought it would be fun to take our handmade growlers one step further and personalize the bottoms with initials of that growler's finisher. The finisher is responsible for all the work that happens once your growler leaves the plaster mold: trimming the mouth, cleaning up the seams, smoothing out the surface and finally attaching one of our three playful handles. They stamp their initials into the bottom of each growler before sending them off to be glazed.


We started testing  the maker's marks in December of 2013, but not each growler that leaves PGC will be stamped by the finisher. Who made your growler? Soon you'll be able to match those initials to a bio page on our website, so you can quite literally, meet your (growler's) maker!  Stay tuned.


Until next time, drink easy, friends.