March 12, 2016

Celebrating St. Paddy's Day at Market Street Pub - Denton, MD

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we chatted with Michelle Tyler of Irish themed Market Street Pub, in Denton, Maryland. Michelle is married to pub owner Brian Tyler, but she's also the pub's spokesperson and #1 fan.

Like all Irish pub's, St. Patrick's Day is cause for a big celebration at Market Street, but  it's also their 8th anniversary of the day they opened their doors, back on March 17th, 2008- talk about a cause to celebrate! 


From the left to right: Brandon Sullivan, our first patron and long time manager; owner Brian Tyler, holding Jameson bottle; Erik Turner (co-creator of featured beer now on tap) and Kendall Cannon, former staff member and friend.

PGC: Tell us a little about Denton, MD and how Market Street Pub interacts with the community?

Denton is a small rural town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland (DelMarVa Peninsula). The Historic Downtown area is located just off the main artery leading to the Maryland and Delaware beaches.  

During the warm summer months, it's a well-traveled highway, transporting a lot of people from the DC metropolitan area. Prior to the construction of the highway bypass in the late 80s, the road past Market Street Pub, was the only way to the beach.

Pub Sign

As with many main street towns, once a bypass is built, the mom and pop businesses suffered, many of them closing their doors in the wake of the big box stores opening along the bypass highway.

The 'Public House,' or simply 'The Pub' if you're local, participates in many community activities through donations and hosting events at the restaurant. We also work with a local church to host a soup kitchen during in the fall and winter. We are very involved and supportive of local schools, charities and patrons who are trying to make a difference in this small town! 

PGC: Tell us about your new growlers.

These growlers are the first we have had since obtaining our brewery permit in December 2014. We're especially excited about the design because it's so different from the typical brown glass growlers you see at most breweries.

While we are an Irish Pub first, we now brew small batches of our own beer on site. Dallas Lister, a native Dentonian, is our brewmaster. He debuted the Pub's first beer, Colburn Ale, at our 2015 St. Patrick's Day Celebration. We could not have done any of this without him.

Among other reasons, brewing our own beer is a very good way to promote our pub and to help give visitors another reason to stop in Denton. A lot of people follow the ‘DelMarVa Beer Trail’ to brew pubs and breweries on the Eastern Shore.


 Market Street Custom PGC Growler

Market Street Pub Custom Growler

PGC: What's the significance of your logo?

The logo is homage to Brian's mentor, Hugh Kelly, owner of the infamous Kelly's Irish Times on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. Kelly's has thrived in the tough DC market for almost 40 years. Brian is inspired daily, by Kelly's story- from his early days in Ireland to the current day.

His success has influenced and shaped Brian’s thoughts on how to survive the often brutal restaurant business. More specifically, the logo is a salute to the Statue of Liberty and the feelings we imagine so many felt upon landing at Ellis Island.


    PGC: Who owns Market Street Pub? Why did he choose to open an Irish pub?

    Brian Tyler is the owner. He's originally from Pittsburgh, PA, but he went to college in Washington D.C. Many of his college friends were of Irish descent; their spirited culture impressed him.

    After twenty-five years in the business, when Brian decided to open his own place, he knew better than to try and reinvent the wheel--- Irish pubs work! The work ethic, the ideals and the bonds with the community... all added up to something we knew was worth exploring in the Town of Denton. 

    In the early 1990s, what had once been a thriving main street area, had become something like a ghost town. In 2006, the Tyler family relocated from Washington DC to Denton. Armed with his entrepreneurial spirit, Brian took his ideas to the Town of Denton administrators and they helped him realize his dream of opening an Irish Pub to help bring life back to the downtown area. It has truly been a collaborative effort and Brian appreciates the continued support of the Town of Denton in our ongoing efforts to expand our brand in Denton.

     Market Street Pub Interior Red Ceiling

    PGC: Is there any original decor from Ireland in the pub?

    Yes! We have a traditional red ceiling, and a Kennedy theme mixed with some fun original photos and artifacts from Ireland, generously donated by patrons who have still have family there. Guests who visit Ireland, frequently remark on how our Pub compares to those in the ‘Green Country'.



    Irish Fishing Basket

    PGC: How do you celebrate St Patty's Day at Market Street Pub? Any food or beer specials or family traditions?

    This year marks our 8th Anniversary on, you guessed it, Saint Patrick’s Day, so it is always a two-part celebration. We have our traditional celebration on March 17th, with live music and traditional Irish food.

    The specials include Corn Beef and Cabbage and Green Beer. On Saturday, March 19, we have our block party which includes a tented street area next to the pub, a pig roast and an adult size tricycle relay race!

    St Patty's Day Celebration

    PGC: What's your favorite local brewery or current favorite beer?

    Burley Oak in Berlin, MD. They are also located in a small rural town on the Eastern Shore, off of a major beach highway artery, and are working hard building a great brand and putting their tiny town back on the map!

    PGC: What's on tap today (March 12, 2016)?

    Yuengling Lager, Magner's Irish Cider, and Smithwick's are just a few. The taps change frequently but we update our website to reflect what's most current. 

     Happy St. Paddy's Day and Happy 8th anniversary to the Market Street Pub! 

    You can get a glimpse of Downtown Denton, and the Pub through their short video.