March 11, 2014

Hands On: How We Make Those Fabulous Ceramic Growlers

Growlers, growlers everywhere and quite a lot to drink. Yes, growlers and growler fill stations are everywhere you look these days. Here at PGC we're often asked, "why do your growlers cost so much more than the glass growlers I see everywhere?" or "why do you make your growlers from clay? What's the advantage here?" Good questions!

Let's start with the clay question. Why make growlers out of clay? Well, they're pretty handsome for starters. I know we're biased, but really! They are sturdy and good looking growlers!  But if the aesthetics aren't enough to win you over, there are real benefits to filling up a growler made of clay.  For starters ceramic is a natural insulator and we deliberately cast the walls of our growlers extra thick to keep liquids cool to the last sip. Here's a handy tip for the hot summer months: freeze your growler before heading out to you favorite brewery for a fill up, especially if you plan to take it out on the town to a party, picnic or bike ride. Freezing it will keep it cooler even longer. Either way, your brew will stay cooler longer than it will in a glass growler. So there's that.


Our ceramic growlers also offer a wide mouth with a porcelain flip top lid and rubber gasket to seal in freshness and carbonation longer than the screw top lids usually found on glass growlers. If you seal the lid tightly and place it back in the fridge after each pour, your brew will stay fresh for 4-6 days or longer!

Last but not least, clay is opaque and it completely blocks out light; that same light that sneaks in and skunks a perfectly good brew. Think about those dark brown beer bottles, it's a totally functional thing to protect the beer inside. Pretty neat, huh? If you have more questions, hop (no pun intended- hop- hops. Get it? Beer is made from hops...) on over to our FAQ page.

Now for the fun part! Our growlers are handmade, by real people right here in Portland, Oregon. The process is pretty darn labor intensive and really hands on, but it allows us to control the quality of each and every growler, ensuring that you're getting a functional work of art. Want to see where the magic happens?  Come on in behind the scenes at Mudshark Studios and watch the process for yourself!


Portland Growler Company from Cineastas on Vimeo.

We're also working on Maker's Marks for all of our growlers. Soon you'll be able to look up the person who made your growler and learn more about them. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on that...


Until next time, drink easy.