February 03, 2016

Got a Growler As a Gift? 5 Helpful Tips and Uses to get you started

Some smart, generous friend,with impeccable taste got you Portland Growler Company growler as a gift over the holidays. Congrats! Here's a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your new ceramic growler.
Barley the Brew Pup
Growlers come and go but our ceramic growlers are sturdy, handmade and built to last. Not only are they good looking but, totally functional. Did you know ceramic is a natural insulator? That's why we cast the walls of our growlers to be extra thick; it helps keep liquids cold or hot until the last sip.
They're also pressure tested so they won't crack under the pressure of all that bubbly carbonation- although we don't recommend fermenting or brewing in them directly.
The opaque walls keep light out, reducing the risk of skunking that can occur with glass bottles, and the combination of a flip top lid and hand-trimmed extra wide mouths work together to seal in freshness. That wide mouth also lends itself to a smoother pour, preventing glugging and foaming. 
Once removed from the refrigerator, our growlers can keep beer cold for a few hours. Close it immediately after pouring and put it back in the fridge, to keep your beer fresh for about 4-6 days, or longer.
    Before you set out on your next growler adventure, here's a few things to keep in mind to maximize your experience:

        1. Keep it even colder: You can keep beer colder, longer by freezing your growler before filling it, but the growler must be completely dry before freezing.

        2. Carry it in style: Our ceramic handles are fully functional, but if you'll be walking around a bit, make it easier to carry by adding a leather leash, made here in Oregon by our friends at Walnut Studiolo. The Leashes are easy to add and remove. Check out this easy how-to video guide to learn more. 

        3. Take it Places: Whether you are going for a hike, on a road trip, to a game or picnic, to the office or on vacation, your growler (especially our 32 oz size) is a great travel buddy. Fill it with water, coffee, tea, kombucha and your growler will keep it fresh and you'll stay refreshed. 

        4. Keep it clean: After you pour out the last bit of liquid from your growler, fill it with dish soap and hot water. Let it soak for a few minutes, give it a quick scrub with a bottle brush and rinse. Dry upside down until all moisture is removed and you're ready to use it again.

        5. Mix it up: Why limit your growler fills to beer? Fill your growler with wine, cider, punch, a mixed drink ,or  seasonal or themed cocktail and you'll be the star of the next party you go to! We highly recommend trying a margarita or a hot toddy - yum!