Maker's Marks Employee Bios

October 25, 2014

Maker's Mark Bios: Erik McNish EM

At Portland Growler Company we partner with studios that care about nurturing their employees creative passions. Our ceramic production partner, Mudshark Studios exemplifies this sort of partnership. The creative endeavors, experience and contributions of each member of the team that produces our growlers can be seen in each and every growler they make. Take a look at the bottom of your growler to see the initials of that growler's maker; maker's marks are our way of helping you put a face with a name and show you what true handcrafted quality means to us. We recently visited with our team at Mudshark and we asked each artist the same questions about life, beer, and art and we'll be introducing you to them here.

Meet Erik McNish. Erik trims our growlers once they're removed from the molds. If you see the initials 'EM' on the bottom of your growler, Erik is the guy who made it. 


Name: Erik McNish 

Hometown: Born in Seward, Alaska, but grew up in Portland.

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