Growler Brew Guide

Maybe a bit of extra overflow is good enough if you move as volume as a professional brewery. However, if you have invested time of your labor and care for crafting a homebrew to restate Monty Python, each drop is holy. Below are tips to keep away growler grief.

Put the container a couple of minutes inside the refrigerator, but avoid putting it in your freezer as it generates more foaming.

Half-inch siphon tubing is fine. Just ensure that it firmly fits over your faucet. If you often fill growlers, you may need to buy a unique fitting that plugs into your faucet and links to tubing.

Usually, serving is in the range of 10 to 15 psi but fill the container slow and nicely.

Pouring yourself a beer. Pouring a pint at low pressure, chill the beer lines, and cleanses foam, so you are able to fill the container with liquid.

After pouring a beer, set aside and thread the free end of the tube into the growler container. Once it hits the base, open up the facet and let’ er rip.

Screw on the beer growler cap while the foam is still slowly oozing in the side of the jug.

With a better pouring method and a beer growler that has a swing top closure, you can preserve the beer for more than a day.

Even method, as well as fancy enclosures, can’t save here. Opened growlers are a ticking time bomb. Drink before it turns out to be totally flat.