Best USA Growlers

If you are a beer drinker, you will need a growler container to transfer the beer from a brewery or a pub. A growler is a good way of getting craft beer which isn’t usually available in bottles or cans. 

  • Takeya Actives Insulated Beer Growler 

This is a sportier and a bit reasonable option to the top pick growlers. This growler takes a more water bottle-like approach to a craft beer growler style. 

  • Stanley Classic growler

Many contemporary growlers available comes with stainless steel construction that surely makes them durable compared to glass, however not essentially intended for outdoor adventurers. For this, you will need to think of the Stanley Classic growler. 

  • GrowlerWerks uKeg Go

This comes with a C02 system which serves as a small draft unit. This model have many features or qualities of a full-sized keg; however, it is intended for stress-free travel. This double-walled stainless steel beer growler comes with a tough, powder-coated finish as well as rubber footing to keep it safe from harm. 

  • MiiR

This growler shows the best, which the latest design has to give. A lot of well-crafted insulated steel beer growlers will keep beer cool and chilled; however, this sets it apart from the rest with regards to construction.